Aquincum scenic walkway



ArchitectureZoltán Páricsy
László Francsics
Zsófia Francsicsné Szántay
Zsuzsa Kovács-Magyari

The museum presents the remains of the prosperous roman civil town that was the centre of Lower Pannonia in the Roman Empire, in the area of today’s Óbuda.

Completion of plans for public realm alterations, pavement extension and fencing for Phase I of the “Aquincum Sightseeing Trail” project on Szentendrei Road, with new gateway construction, viewing terraces and pavilions. The promenade is a renovated and reconstructed public space, this was achieved by improving the pavements surrounding of the museum on Szentendrei Road. The intervention will provide a clear, safe and pleasant access to the entrances of the Museum. New information surfaces will provide clear orientation and explain the features of the ruin gardens from the promenade, encouraging visitors to visit the Museum. It gives a sense of unity to the area, emphasises the position of the entrances and promotes visibility. It was important to create an exciting visual connection with the area from Szentendrei Road, not only for pedestrians, but also for those passing by car or public transport.

The element is intended to attract “non-visitors” and transit passengers to the Museum area as well. It has a multi-layered communicative function, with a static and dynamic reading that addresses both pedestrians and the passing drivers. It also makes it a safe and enjoyable experience for people arriving from a train or HÉV station to the main entrance of the Museum. The promenade is primarily intended for pedestrian use but will also remain open to cyclists.

The use of solid concrete and partly transparent steel slats for the side rail sections follows the structure of the roman city. The steel slat parapet structure reveals the exposed view at the most interesting, prominent points, while at other points it obscures it at eye level for passing drivers.

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