ArchitectsZoltán Páricsy
Bence N. Krajnyák
Győző Wittinger

The focus of the concept is ‘Retreat into Nature’. Experiencing Nature perfectly and entirely in high quality comfort.

While respecting nature, the goal is to give the user the most exclusive experience possible: gift him with nature. The design uses the principles of environmentally conscious construction, that are complemented by flexible, human-centered, contemporary solutions.

The refined and simple appearance of the cabin allows Nature to prevail. Beside aesthetics, it has structural benefits and thus a high degree of mobility can be ensured in both transport and construction.

Wood as a dominant building material is an environmentally conscious and carbon-neutral solution that is aesthetically pleasing in appearance while not rivaling the surrounding nature.

The designed cabin provides accommodation for two people and, as a module, can be installed individually or in groups, can be prefabricated in its structural elements or in its entirety.