House of Waves

Budakeszi, Hungary
Architects:Zoltán Páricsy,
Győző Wittinger,
Orsolya Ellenrieder
Structural Engineering:Katalin Zoltán,
Zsolt Petrilla
Mechanical Engineering:Csaba Hucker
Electrical Engineering:Sándor Kovács,
László Tóth
Landscape-gardening:Attila Vincze
Visualization:Bence Krajnyák N


Tervlap (Hungarian)

Living somewhere. Living in a space where everything originates in nature, where change is constant, but where we always feel safe. We want to hide and at the same time want to see everything, so we close in and open up in the same moment. Simultaneously we want to exist on our own and float away to infinity. 

All photos were taken by Zoltán Páricsy, they are protected by copyright. In all other cases, the photographer is indicated.