ArchitectureTamás Dósa-Papp
StructuresZoltán Páricsy
Bence Jankus
Károly Lehel Kovács
Tamás Polarecki

The function of the building is youth sports accommodation, designed to accommodate teams, players and other guests of the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy.

The buildings of the football academy were designed and constructed in accordance with Imre Makovecz’s 2005 building concept and the spirit of Hungarian organic architecture. The hostel building on the northern edge of the site – the northern extension of the longitudinal axis of the Sports Centre, inaugurated in 2018 – marks the end of the line.

The massing of the building respectfully refers back to the swimming pool building, designed earlier on the site by Imre Makovecz – and his collaborator Tamás Dósa Papp – but never built, which was to have been the northern end of the development at the time.

The building consists of a large, spherically domed lobby and an elongated, lens-shaped wing that grows out of it in an L-shape. On the ground floor of the wing, which faces the Váli Valley, there is a wellness pool with an 8×25 m swimming pool. The restaurant is located at the end of the north wing. The central part of the wings is cross-walled with a central corridor block defined by ground floor plus two floors of hotel rooms. The mechanical equipment is housed in lenticular attics. The central block of the swimming pool wing is basemented and houses the water engineering spaces.

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